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Group Last Diary
Colorado COmmunity
Coloradoans and allies who want to keep our skies blue, our water clean and plentiful, our wildlife diverse and populous, our people healthy and employed, our renewable energy developed, and our tax policies returned to sane, sustainable levels.
Knitting Guild
A group for knitters of all abilities. The Knitting Guild will organize knit-along or fund-raising projects, publish how-to guides, and indoctrinate newcomers in the Way of the Needle.
Parenting on the Autism Spectrum
A group of those who are parenting a child with autism specturm disorder diagnosis. This is not a group for discussing possible causes of autism spectrum disorders but, instead, for parents to share how they have approached helping their children.
Saturday Morning Garden Blogging
A Convocation of Those With Grimy Fingernails
Seed Sharers
This is a group for gardeners, farmers, and anyone else who wants to offer, trade, gift, give, or ask for plant seeds. We can also talk about our work with plants here. It will be okay to go off topic.
Social Security Defenders
The enemies of Social Security have been on the offense for 75 years seeking to gut Social Security and wipe out the legacy of the New Deal. Time to join the defense?
The Grieving Room
The Grieving Room is a Monday evening series for those who are experiencing grief or loss.
What Are You Working On?
This group is for all things hand-made, home-made, and creative in a variety of mediums. Some of them are even edible.

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